Bread & Bakery

Inspired by that famous ex-BBC TV show. Why not try your hand at kneading and mixing? Learn about the power of dough and skills required to get that perfect slice. See masters and mistresses demonstrate biscuit, cakes and tarts. No soggy bottoms here madam

Chocolate workshops

From the humble cacao bean comes one of the foods that enslaves so many people’s taste buds. Meet and learn from the experts at workshops. Find out about white chocolate, cocoa butter, bittersweet chocolate and single estate chocolate. Try your hand at creating luxury confection under the tutorlage of a top chocolatier.

Wine tasting & vineyard tours

So many wines, so little time! Improve your knowledge in this most sociable of pastimes. Learn about fruit, sweetness, acidity, body and the all important finish. Try unusual wines. Taste horizontally or vertically. Get to know your muscadet from cabernet. Is pinot grigio still the grape of choice? Perhaps you are an oneophile* keen to…

Tea tasting

The explosion in numbers of tea leaf types and tea blends has made choosing a tea increasingly difficult. Whether you are an Earl Grey, Darjeeling or Russian Caravan fan, learn from tea specialists about the characteristics that make up your favourite brew. Alternatively why not visit a luxury hotel for a classic afternoon tea (dainty…

Spirit sipping

Brandy, gin, whiskey and even tequila! Develop your connoisseur-palate through structured tastings with an expert. Gin – From citrus to spiced, herbal to floral a guided tasting will  help you understand botanicals in a new way and unlock your vocabulary to explain it.  Also learn how to mix the perfect G&T! Whiskey – cut your…

Coffee cuppa

What to know the difference between Arabica and Robusta? Every fancied impressing your friends by being a barista? Learn about beans, roasting, making and drinking. Is your favourite an espresso, latte or mocha?

Beer Tasting & Brewery Tours

They say there is a beer for everyone – even those who don’t like beer! Don’t know your lager from your porter? Ever wondered what steam beer really means? You know the language – body, bouquet, finish, hoppy, nose, phenolic, quaffable – now learn what those terms actually mean! For the more sophisticated beer taster…

Cheese making & tasting

Charles de Gaulle famously said, “How can you govern a country which has 246 varieties of cheese?” Well governing is not your concern but trying different cheeses is. Learn about cheese making. Visit a producer and see the magic that makes a great cheese. Or why not enjoy cheese with your favourite wine by exploring…

BBQ grill skills

Move your barbecuing skills beyond a charred sausage and tough burger. See how the experts create succulent and mouthwatering dishes. Take inspiration from the Deep South Bar-Bee-Cue pits and South African braai. Learn about marinades, rubs and smoking. Have a grilltastic experience.