Connecting great hosts with food and drink adventurers

tasting365 is a social platform that matches wine experts with lovers of food and drink.

Discover new flavours, learn about producers, meet new people and above all have fun with one of life’s great pleasures.

Use tasting365 to find and book tastings, tours and other experiences.

For Food and Drink Lovers

Taste great food and drink and meet new people. Educate your palate – become an expert yourself! Visit producers and tour regions.

Tastings include: wine, beer, spirits, cocktails, tea & coffee plus delectables such as cheese and chocolate.

For Food and Drink Businesses

Find new customers for your events. Retailers and producers advertise your tastings. Restaurants showcase your food and drink experiences. Guides promote your vineyard/ brewery tours. Manage all your bookings in one place. Find out more

The  tasting revolution is under way.